Prayers for Health

It seems as though we’ve got a number of health issues going on in the Walker home. Some issues are short term and some have the potential to cause us to be fearful. But regardless, all are worthy of taking to the feet of Jesus and leaving them there!

We all 6 just recovered from a cold virus. Within a span of about 24 hours, it had laid waste to every one of us. I was nervous the pets were going to get sick or do something stupid, because there was no way I had 1 teeny ounce of energy or stamina to deal with them!

Audrey will be going to the eye doctor tomorrow. It looks as though she will be getting glasses. I watched her read the eye chart at the pediatrician, and her one eye failed miserably. – Or maybe she passed and it’s actually me!?!?

Audrey will be having both of her legs casted on Friday. She has what doctors call Idiopathic Toe Walking. I almost got a little defensive for my child thinking it had something to do with being an idiot. Big word meaning she habitually walks on her tip toes. We noticed when she was a small toddler that she had quite a fascination for her tip toes. For a long time we thought it was quirky, cute, and just a phase. Through the years, this propensity for toe walking proved to be quite difficult for Doug and I to break her of. Honestly, I thought she would just grow out of it. I thought if we explained it to her enough, warned her of the potential problems down the road, and reminded her enough, she’d stop. And suddenly, I realized the child was 8 1/2 years old, walking through the house with an infant on her hip – and up on her tip toes.

For lots of Idiopathic Toe Walkers, they can’t really walk normally. For Audrey, it’s a little more that she won’t walk normal. She’s capable for the most part, she just doesn’t. And because she has been doing it for long so, it’s more comfortable for her now that certain muscles have gotten weak in time and others have gotten stronger. Now, her Achilles tendon is just barely starting to shorten as she grows. After running and playing, or just at the end of the day, her legs and feet start to hurt. Think of it as a little child, constantly growing, and living her life in stiletto heels. Ouch. Physical therapy to strengthen and stretch her Achilles tendon and such may help a tad; however it wouldn’t break her of the habit.

So for 3 weeks her legs will be in casts, preventing her from walking on her toes. This cold turkey approach will hopefully break the cycle of toe walking, give rest to the areas of her feet and legs that have for so long been overworked, and actually weaken her monstrous calf muscles. If Audrey never learned to walk on her feet normally, as she grew her Achilles tendon would become very short and tight, totally preventing her from walking normally no matter how hard she tried. And she’d would have to have surgery. So, we are working to prevent that for her. There is the possibility that she will revert to toe walking after the casts come off, but we’ll just cross that proverbial road when we get there.

She is slightly excited about it…..because they’ll be pink. It’s the mind of an 8 year old. I on the other hand? I’m not as thrilled. I wish I had jumped on this in years past- you know, like before I had 3 babies! Now, for 3 weeks, I’ll be losing my biggest helper. Plus, I’ll be having to help her bathe. And I’m already anticipating the complaining. Granted, it’ll be a good lesson for her. I just feel a little lazy, I suppose. I have so many other things going on, that I don’t feel up for it. We hadn’t anticipated it being 85degrees out in March, so I sure hope she doesn’t get too hot.

Alayna will be seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist tomorrow. It seems like her left eye is a bit lazy. We tend to notice it more when she is sleepy. Our pediatrician agreed with me, but said it was a little harder for him to diagnose since she is half Korean and the space between her eyes is wide. So, he thought it prudent to have a specialist take a look at her.

Alayna has been having a terrible time with eczema. She gets it particularly bad on the backs of her legs and the back of her neck. In the last couple of weeks, it has been causing open, weeping sores. Poor baby! She has figured out how to scratch her neck and will scratch until it bleeds. I’ve been hearing that soaking baths are good for her, but I don’t have time to bath her 1-2x/day! That sounds so terrible to say, especially when I think of her poor blistered, red legs. But I do try to bathe her, keeping her skin covered with water at all times, quickly applying organic lotion with no fragrance or junk. I apply lotion to her 2-4x/day. As it gets warmer, I find it even trickier. I want to keep her from getting hot. But if I put her in something that exposes her skin and she crawls on the carpet, the carpet fibers irritate her skin. I’m starting to wonder if I need to keep my house cool and keep her in long sleeves and pants that are made of 100% cotton.

Charlie will be going to the doctor next week. Several months ago we noticed Charlie having some random shivering motions. We thought it was odd that he’d occasionally shiver while drifting off to sleep. Then a couple weeks ago, he started to shake his head. It’s almost like he is shaking his head ‘no’. But I thought it was strange that he stops nursing to do it. Then a couple days ago, he’s begun tensing up his neck, shoulders, and arms in strange episodes. It could be totally nothing! We’ve tried to capture it on video for our pediatrician. We’ve mentioned it to our doctor, and so far there hasn’t been any real reason for concern. The doctor feels reassured about Charlie’s growth, development, and skill acquisition. These strange muscle movements could just be unique to Charlie as he grows and learns control over his body. He could just be finding a strange fascination with certain movements. However, we’d be fools to not look into it and make sure there isn’t something wrong.

Caleb continues to be our little guy. There is a stark difference between him and the other two. Caleb eats like a horse. He nurses 4 times a day and has 4 solid food meals. And I do mean ‘meals’. I’ve been known to feed him 8-10oz of food and he still cries for more. The doctor says to feed him until he won’t open his mouth any more. I don’t think that’s possible! Caleb must have some wicked awesome metabolism, let me tell you.. Further proof that this little guy doesn’t not have my genes!

It’s so odd with triplets. There is always comparing going on. I’m starting to shudder at this tendency. I probably wouldn’t be bothered by Charlie’s bald spot if the other two’s hadn’t grown in. I wouldn’t notice Charlie’s early rising, if the other two didn’t sleep later. I wouldn’t notice that Alayna and Charlie are so slow to pick up finger foods, if Caleb weren’t so good at it. I might not have noticed Charlie’s strange motions if he were an only child. But I see that the others don’t do it. If Caleb were my only baby, I might think he’s just a calorie burner and big eater. But compared with the other two, he seems so tiny to me. I want to break myself of this habit. I can only imagine what their lives will be like someday when we homeschool. Oy vey.

Well then. There’s me. And I’m just a bundle of problems!

I’ll be going to the doctor about some ridiculous headaches I’m having. I’m not sure if they are related to all the fresh fruits and veggies I’m eating that I’m allergic to, or hormones, or fatigue, or what. I just know I can’t do this.

My allergies – well, they’re what you would expect from a gal who’s extremely allergic to everything, living in the city that tops the charts for the single worst place to live with seasonal allergies. <Just cough an obligatory, vicarious cough for me…and a sniff too, while you’re at it.>

I need a hysterectomy. I have endometriosis again that is causing pain. Since I’ve had 7 surgeries for it before (almost always finding it to be stage 4 –most advanced), repair surgeries cannot be done anymore. I need a complete hysterectomy removing everything but the cervix. The doctor thinks the sooner I do it the better since endometriosis has reeked much havoc on my immune system since the age of 17. He thinks it’s in my best interest to restore as much energy as I can ASAP so that I can better cope with raising the triplets. He is absolutely convinced the endometriosis is a huge reason why I’m always so achy, tired, prone to getting sick, and unable to recover quickly from colds, infections, surgeries, etc.

I do have a prolapsed uterus. It’s mild for now. It is causing some bladder issues, low back issues, and other ‘fun’ stuff. It’ll only get worse, especially as I workout getting my back stronger from the pregnancy. He’s suggesting for now he do some work on the ligaments while doing the hysterectomy and removing the endometriosis. Hopefully this will solve the problem and I won’t need the mesh procedure at all or at least for several years.

I do have a fairly severe case of diastasis recti – separation of the abdominal muscles. Basically, my “six-pack abs” are split down the middle vertically, and probably won’t come back together. I did about 10 weeks of physical therapy and it improved somewhat. I REALLY want this to get fixed, but insurance won’t cover something like this. Right now my physical therapist think my stomach muscles are seriously compromising the strength of my back. And they think that the muscle fatigue and burning in my stomach would be eliminated if I had surgery. So I have more of a case than someone who wants it fixed for cosmetic reasons! It would be awesome to have this fixed for stability and strength issues – and yes, for purely vain reasons. I don’t really enjoy the look I’ve got going post-partum! I can only thank the Lord that the scars, sags, and ugliness are a very small price to pay for my 3 little babies.

I have a torn labrum in my hip. Also resulting from the pregnancy. I may try a little more physical therapy in hopes of trying to get it to heal itself, but if we can’t get that to heal, it’ll be another surgery. I keep having terrible groin pain and sensations of it catching. I cannot sit Indian style anymore!!

The rib that I broke a few years ago, wants to constantly dislocate since delivering the triplets. It leads to horrendous back spasms and pain. For now, I’m trying to just get stronger and learn techniques for relocating/correcting it myself. I’m also struggling with iliolumbar syndrome. It’s an inflammation in a ligament that causes a slipping of a particular vertebra, pain in my back and in my leg.

These are the biggies, I guess! At least these are the issues that I am needing to think about in the very near future. I think I will shoot for a hysterectomy/endometriosis/ligament surgery at the end of May. Since I need a lot of help, this schedule best fits my parents’ schedule. I do plan on continuing to nurse after the surgery.

I adore Alayna, Caleb, and Charlie, but carrying them really did a number on me. It’s been very slow going for me and frustrating. I didn’t anticipate quite this many problems. I wish I could reduce some pain and have more energy to keep up with them. I won’t deny that I have been quite discouraged. It’s very, very difficult to take things one day at a time, when I know that my children are going to need a healthy mom today, tomorrow, the next day, the next day, the next day……

3 thoughts on “Prayers for Health

  1. I will definitely be praying for your family! That is a lot on your plate… but God’s mercies are new everyday! What sacrificial love you exhibit to your children…lays a wonderful foundation for them to see the awesome sacrificial love God has for us.

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