An update on Bec’s surgery

Thank you for all praying for us today! Today was quite a doozie, and we are privileged to have brothers and sisters in Christ who bring us and our family to the Lord in our time of need. Thank you so much!

Here’s a quick update…

Bec’s surgery
The surgery itself seemed to go off without a hitch. The doctor came out and spoke to me and he seemed very happy with the outcome. He said he was able to remove everything he was supposed to without disrupting anything else. He said she’d have some pain, but that she should be feeling better by Monday.

About two hours after that chat, they called me back to be with Bec in the recovery room. That’s where things got interesting. She had a very difficult time with recovery today due to some complications. The nurses were expecting us to be ready to leave after just an hour or so, but it actually took several more hours. Bec experienced some of the worst pain she’s ever had during those hours in recovery, and she came home still feeling pretty bad.

This evening she’s been able to rest for the most part. She’s still in quite a bit of pain. Of course, some pain is expected, and we don’t really think anything is out of the ordinary at this point. She’s taking her pain meds and trying to rest as much as possible.

Tomorrow morning Bec’s going to try to resume her nursing schedule with the triplets.  It seems counterintuitive, but she is completely capable of nursing after the hysterectomy. Apparently nothing that affects the milk supply is removed during the procedure. So, she’s been planning to continue nursing.

The fact that she wanted to continue nursing caused a lot of issues during today’s surgery and recovery. It seemed to affect just about everything: from choosing the time the surgery was scheduled for to the meds they gave her afterward. We’re anxious to see if all these compromises paid off and if she can resume nursing without any troubles.

Thanks again for your constant prayers and encouragement!

Doug (for Bec)

2 thoughts on “An update on Bec’s surgery

  1. Hope all has gone well. Curious how nursing is going post surgery. I had (unplanned) surgery last weekend and my 2 year old daughter abruptly weaned; she was freaked out about my bandages on my belly and I think the milk tasted nasty. Bitter sweet for sure.

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